Reporting and Sustainable Development in China中国可持续发展及报告

Sustainability, responsible investment and integrated reporting initiatives have a huge potential to make a positive in change in China.  This is in part because there is a determination to do it, and in part because there is a lot to do.  That was the impression I was left with following a visit to China in April at the invitation of the De Tao Group.  可持续发展,负责任的投资和综合报告(目前学术界通用的翻译)在中国的引入必将给这个国家带来积极的变化.之所以这样说是因为,中国对这些先进理念的引入下了极大的决心,必定大有可为.这正是我四月应德稻集团邀请赴中国之行的深刻体会.

De Tao seeks to contribute to the social and economic development of China (hopefully in a sustainable way) by bringing together experts (masters) from around the world and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and development human and intellectual capital.  This includes developing human and intellectual capital in sustainability accounting, integrating sustainability into organisational practices and integrated reporting. (Their own work would make an interesting value creation story for an integrated report.) 德稻致力于为中国社会经济发展贡献力量(希望是可持续的方式),延揽全世界的专家(大师)助力知识的转化以及人力和智慧资本的开发.这包括在可持续会计中开发人力和智慧资本,将可持续性融入组织实际工作和综合报告之中.(将自身的工作编写成为一个关于创造价值的有趣故事,写入综合报告.)

Amongst other things I learnt that, whilst the general population is becoming more aware of sustainability issues, many companies don’t have the know-how to properly measure and report their Greenhouse Gas emissions and the environmental protection authorities struggle to effectively enforce mandatory requirements.  Businesses generally have a short term decision making horizon and are not systematically thinking about risk – neither of which is compatible with long term business success or achieving environmental goals – but both of which could be addressed through the integrated reporting process. 我获悉:虽然大众对于可持续事件越来越关注,很多公司没有掌握正确测量和报告温室气体排放的方法,环保部门很难有效的执行国家的强制要求.企业大多只能做出短期决策,对于风险无法做出远期的系统性的预测—这两点都限制了企业赢得远期成功或实现环境目标—但是通过综合报告的方法二者都可以得到有效的解决.

There are around 2,000 sustainability reports produced in China each year, but like many of those in other parts of the world, they tend to be long and unfocussed and the quality needs to be improved particularly with regard to identification of material issues, setting targets and reporting on the supply chain (although there are some notable exceptions). 目前中国每年有大约2,000份可持续报告,但是多数和其他国家的情况一样,流于冗长,不能突出主题,质量有待提高特别是对于重要性事件的识别,设立目标和供应链等方面(当然也有好的例子).

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SynTao, a broad based corporate reporting and sustainability consultancy and think tank is part of the change process with a well-qualified internationally focussed staff (over 80% hold a master’s degree and 40% of staff studied overseas).  Whilst I was there I was invited to speak with Tracy Cai of SynTao Green Finance about integrated reporting.

The video on integrated reporting can be viewed outside China here with a translation provided by De Tao’s interpreter, Aragorn. 商道纵横是一家覆盖多个城市致力于企业可持续报告咨询的公司和智库,其员工素质优秀具备国际视野(其中八成具备硕士学位,四成有海外留学背景).我曾受邀接受商道绿色金融的采访,主题就是综合报告.视频和翻译随后将向德稻提供.

Importantly on 22nd April the report Green Finance Task Force was launched setting out how China can green its rapidly developing financial and capital markets. The Task Force was initiated by China’s Central Bank, the People’s Bank of China Research Bureau and the United National Environment Programme – Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System. It proposes mechanisms for supporting green investment which will undoubtedly increase the demand for quality sustainability and integrated reporting and banks and investors seek to understand corporate impacts, risks and value creation strategy. 四月二十二日绿色金融工作组正式启动,表现出中国具备实现在金融资本市场等快速发展的行业实现绿色.该工作组由中国人民银行,中国人民银行研究所和联合国环境计划署共同发起—其使命是设计一个可持续的金融体系.该工作组提议建立一个支持绿色投资机制,这就要求提供高质量的可持续和综合报告让银行,投资者了解企业对环境的影响,风险和价值创造战略.

Thanks to Jordan Yu of the ACCA, Dr Guo Peiyuan of SynTao and Dr Simon Zadek, Co-Director of the UNEP Inquiry and International Co-Convenor of the Task Force and many others for sharing information and their insights.  鸣谢ACCA于先生,商道纵横郭总,联合国环境计划署可持续金融体系设计研究项目联席主任谢孟哲博士的知识分享.

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