The real story behind Brazil’s ‘greenest World Cup’

By Carol A Adams This year’s World Cup was supposed to be the “greenest ever”, with FIFA taking measures to account for the event’s greenhouse gas emissions, including an estimated 2.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. As the biggest sporting event on the planet, FIFA is under pressure to take its sustainability measures seriously. It […]

Key reporting standard setters in dialogue

Responding to calls for better alignment in corporate reporting, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) yesterday introduced The Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD). The stated aim of the CRD is to promote greater coherence, consistency and comparability between corporate reporting frameworks, standards and related requirements, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness. The organizations participating in the CRD, which […]

Measurement of sustainability performance in the public sector

by Carol A Adams, Stephen Muir and Zahirul Hoque published in the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal Abstract This article identifies current performance measurement practice within state, territory and federal government departments in Australia with a particular emphasis on the importance of sustainability performance measures. Whilst voluntary sustainability reporting by private sector organisations aligned, for […]

The mediating effects of the adoption of an environmental information system on top management’s commitment and environmental performance

by Sarah Yang Spencer, Carol Adams and Prem W.S. published in the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal Abstract This paper aims to examine the antecedent factor, top management’s commitment to environmental sustainability, for the adoption of a sophisticated internal environmental information system; measured by the broad-scope, timeliness, aggregation and integration of such information. The paper also seeks to examine whether […]

Getting on Board: materiality and stakeholder engagement processes for integrated reporting

written by Carol Adams This article was first published on CSRWire on 30th December 2013 Many years ago a group of accountants, sustainability leaders, advisors and activists and big accounting firms got together to develop a principles-based process framework to support organizational learning and “social and ethical, environmental and economic” performance. They drew on tried […]

Data is key to tackling sexism in the workplace and beyond

written by Carol Adams Violence against women, rape, bungling of rape cases, sexism at work and in leadership are prominent topics in news headlines. Such crimes and injustices are borne out of cultures that tolerate them. Poor cultures in the workplace reflect and influence attitudes and behaviours more broadly in society. Organisations are obliged to […]

A role for finance professionals in improving sustainability performance

Presentation to the National Local Govt Conference 140813 Carol Adams The inaugural National Local Government Financial Management Conference held in Melbourne in August 2013 aimed to “provide council professionals with practical knowledge and expert advice on how to optimise financial performance and generate cost efficiency within local government organisations”. The presentations were explicitly concerned with financial […]