A round up of the key themes from recent events – with links to recordings

by Carol A Adams Main points: Across the world various bodies and organisations are considering what policy development in relation to climate change and sustainable development means to them Summarises some recent events I’ve spoken at with some incredible people and includes links to recordings. ICAS discussion on the future of sustainability reporting standards In […]

The Statement of Intent: proposing a different approach

By Carol A Adams Main points: The willingness of reporting framework/standard setters to collaborate is welcome A better place to start would be agreeing a conceptual framework Some key questions are posed to start the process and tentative answers provided Its good to see key global standard setters committing to work together with IMP and […]

“93% agree that corporate reporting is critical to capturing the value creation story”

by Carol Adams Breakfast session on the second day of the ICGN-IIRC conference and I was looking forward to some deep insights on ‘How the c-suite sees long-term value creation’.  The discussion started with the highlights of some AICPA-CIMA-Black Sun-IIRC research presented in a stiff fold up brochure with lots of white space and big […]

CSR and Accountability in an Age of Digitization

By Carol A Adams “Digitization is the biggest environmentalist ever” according to Timotheus Höttges, CEO Deutsche Telekom in his opening keynote at the CSR conference at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Höttges made a case for digitization as a means of decoupling resource consumption from economic growth and gave examples of how digitization had reduced energy and […]

Panel discussion on assurance of sustainability and integrated reports at the GRI conference

The title given by the GRI for this discussion was ‘Assurance trends – improving the quality of sustainability data’. But when I’m reading a corporate report, whilst I expect the data to be accurate, its the quality of the internal control, management and governance processes that matter most to me. That’s how I started my […]

Video: panel discussion with Paul Druckman: Normalising integrated reporting

This video records a panel discussion with Paul Druckman the CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Carol Adams and Richard Slack both Professors of Accounting at Durham University Business School and Anne Adrain, Deputy Director, Sustainability and Assurance at ICAS. The key highlights of each presentation are summarised below. More information about the […]

What do the next generation of accountants think about integrated reporting?

Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC joined a panel of presenters at Durham University Business School discussing ongoing work and research in integrated reporting.  Details of the panel can be found here.  A video recording of the discussion is here. The audience included members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS), alumni of […]

Integrated Reporting: Panel discussion with Paul Druckman, 26th Feb

“Integrated reporting is the big new development in corporate reporting that everyone is talking about.  Why? Quite simply integrated reporting marks a paradigm shift in the way companies and other organisations think about business models and the creation of value.  Integrated reporting promotes long term thinking about value-creation and stewardship across a broad range of […]

World Forum on Natural Capital kicks off

The World Forum on Natural Capital took off in Edinburgh this morning and was opened with a video of HRH Prince Charles making a heartfelt call to action on accounting for natural capital. He was followed by Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister for Scotland, the Scottish Government being a key sponsor of the event. She spoke […]

Reporting and Sustainable Development in China中国可持续发展及报告

Sustainability, responsible investment and integrated reporting initiatives have a huge potential to make a positive in change in China.  This is in part because there is a determination to do it, and in part because there is a lot to do.  That was the impression I was left with following a visit to China in […]