Engaging business leaders and students in Integrated Reporting at Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School is taking a lead in spreading the word on integrated reporting and developing the next generation of business leaders through research and engaging business leaders and students.  Their event From Share Value to Shared Value: The Future of Integrated Reporting to be held on the 4th May at Toulouse Business School in […]

The World’s first Diploma in Integrated Reporting

Last month I was fortunate to visit the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria to speak with staff and PhD students researching various issues in integrated reporting at the invitation of its Director Prof Derick de Jongh. Integrated reporting has been mandatory for companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange […]

Working together for corporate reporting to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: UNCTAD wokshop

The UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) ISAR (International Standards of Accounting and Reporting) Workshop in Geneva on 13th October brought together representatives of standard setters and expert panelists to facilitate the promotion of cohesive reporting to enhance sustainable development. UNCTAD ISAR was the first global organisation to make comprehensive recommendations on non-financial reporting […]

Corporate reporting for sustainable development – and innovation from Germany

(How) can corporate reporting fix global issues such as poverty and climate change? The conferences[i] I attended in Berlin this week identified some issues to be overcome, some questions to address and a few innovative solutions. Reporting was not the main focus of the Humboldt Uni conference (which attracted a large proportion of people working […]

‘Responsibility in Business’ – in Scotland

Scotland has a long history of thinking about responsibility in business so Glasgow was a fitting place to talk about it, not just because it is one of my home towns.  I found The Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow both an amazing community organisation, attracting proficient speakers on a wide range of topics, and a […]

Europe focuses on the role of corporate reporting in transition towards sustainable development

Having advocated for many years that corporate reporting could, should and must play a significant role in the transition towards sustainability, it is pleasing to see the topic at centre stage during a fortnight in Europe at workshops, conferences and other meetings in Amsterdam, Glasgow, Berlin and Geneva including the UNCTAD workshop on the Future […]

Discussing ‘Responsibility in Business’ at the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

‘Responsibility in Business is the title of a public lecture I’ll be giving in Glasgow for the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow on the evening of 1st October 2014. About the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow The Glasgow Philosophical Society was founded in 1802, some 350 years after the University of Glasgow (founded 1451 and the fourth […]

Sustainability reporting: A tool for improving returns to shareholders?

written by Carol Adams Can reporting on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) issues increase returns to shareholders? Surveys conducted by consulting firms have found that the majority of CEOs link social responsibility initiatives with profitability.   Academic research has consistently found a positive link between social performance and financial performance. But making that link at an individual […]

What is integrated reporting? And how do you do it?

This article was first published by the ACCA here and was written by Dr Carol A Adams FCCA and member of ACCA’s Global Forum on Sustainability If you are confused about what integrated reporting is, rest assured you are not the only one. A lot of people think it’s about putting together your financial and sustainability […]

DōWebinar on Integrated Reporting now available here

If you missed my DōWebinar on integrated reporting you can see the presentation and listen to it here. If you have any questions contact me directly or use the comment box below. You can read about my Dō Master Class on integrated reporting with Eileen Rae, Director-Finance with the ACCA and Jonathon Labrey, Communications Director at the IIRC […]