Cbus Annual Integrated Report 2017 and the SDGs

by Carol A Adams The Cbus Annual Integrated Report 2017 articulates how the pension fund contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) acknowledging the important role of long term investors.  The report identifies six SDGs which Cbus can contribute to and also recognises that it has more work to do in developing strategy to do […]

Just released: the IIRC’s 2016 Integrated Report – a review

By Carol A Adams The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has today released its 2016 Integrated Report.  A little late in the year perhaps but it makes up for it in other ways. Right at the beginning the report covers two issues which too few reports are tackling: a statement from the Board accepting their […]

Cbus superannuation fund: Annual Integrated Report 2016

By Carol A Adams Cbus superannuation fund (known as a pension fund in some countries) has just released its Annual Integrated Report 2016. The report is Cbus’s second attempt at integrated reporting and the first in which it has referred to the report as an ‘integrated report’. The 2016 report provides a clearer articulation of […]

Cbus superannuation fund publish first report in a 3 year journey towards integrated reporting

by Carol A Adams The Cbus Annual Report for 2014/15 represents a significant first step on their journey towards integrated reporting. Cbus has been part of the <IR> Pension Fund Network for Integrated Reporting since 2013 following a meeting between Cbus CEO, David Atkin, and other Cbus executives with Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated […]

HSBC’s Corporate Reporting

by Carol A Adams My interest in HSBC’s Corporate Reporting stems from its strongly voiced support for integrated reporting.  Having reviewed their 2012 Sustainability Report and Annual Report and Accounts I was keen to see what progress had been made. The reporting package for the 2014 year comprises a Strategic Report and an Annual Report […]

CIMA’s progress on integrated reporting: making the right decisions

prepared by Carol Adams The President of CIMA is quick to point out (first sentence in his statement) that the previous report was “voted best practice in reporting the business model and value creation at the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) annual conference”. The members and students of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ (CIMA) […]

The Australian Dairy Industry releases its second sustainability progress report

by Carol Adams Have you ever wondered what the Dairy Industry does for communities, to protect animal well-being or to reduce its environmental impact? The Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) and Dairy Australia makes a bold attempt to answer these questions in its 2014 Sustainability Framework Report. The industry embarked on a process of determining […]

Stockland’s progress on integrated reporting

prepared by Carol Adams This analysis of Stockland’s reporting for 2013 focuses on the principles and content elements of <IR> which make integrated reporting distinctive. Connectivity Stockland’s Annual Review 2013 demonstrates connectivity through: setting out briefly the contents of each report in its reporting suite  – this would be a good place to also mention […]

Changing the way business is done – South African integrated reports

written by Carol Adams Changing the way business leaders and their investors think is a prerequisite for real change towards social, environmental and economic sustainability.  A focus on the longer term and thinking about value in non-monetary terms, means thinking about people, relationships, know-how and the natural environment and how they create value, rather than […]

RBS Sustainability Review 2013: building trust & developing integrated thinking

written by Carol Adams The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s RBS Sustainability Review 2013 begins with the words, in a Foreword jointly signed by the Chairman and Chief Executive, “In 2013, we were the least trusted company in the least trusted sector of the economy. That must change”. This report is a significant step change from […]