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Opinion pieces 

Accounting Today Academics at odds with the IFRS Foundation on sustainability reporting 24th May 2022

ESG Investor What next? Agreement on a two pillar approach to sustainability reporting 1st April 2022

ESG Investor Investors need sustainable development thinking 26th January 2022

ESG Investor No Investment Returns on a Dead Planet 8th October 2021

The Banker Sustainability reporting and trust in banks 3rd June 2021

Responsible Investor A prototype climate disclosure standard with a flawed conceptual framework 14th January 2021

Responsible Investor Sustainable development is too important for political posturing (written with Charles H Cho) 14th December 2020

CIMA Accountants can help meet the Sustainable Development Goals 17th October 2020

The Conversation Neurodiversity at work benefits everyone – why companies are hiring autistic people 24th September 2020

EURACTIV Europe needs mandatory non-financial reporting to underpin COVID recovery 13 May 2020

Financial Times Investors are asking the wrong questions on sustainability 23rd January 2020

International Integrated Reporting Council Evidence that the ‘momentum phase’ is taking off, 5th August 2019 (with D Gibassier and T Jerome)

Centre for Corporate Reporting Social impact, the Sustainable Development Goals and integrated reporting, 28th August, 2018

Minute Hack Five steps businesses must take to reach their sustainable development goals 22nd March, 2018

Board Agenda Non execs need the right skills for effective integrated reporting November, 2017

ESG Magazine How does responsible investing fit with the SDGs?  November, 2017

Responsible Investor How Integrated Reporting can help boards understand ESG risk: lessons from South Africa and Australia March 2016

Economia VW Scandal: ethics versus profit December 2015, pp 64-5

Communication Director The evolution of corporate reporting Issue 4, 2015

The Conversation Bank exposure to coal drowning in greenwash 1st September 2015

Acuity  CFO – a misnomer? Does the job title CFO accurately describe the role? March 2015. Co-authored with Ken Weldin.

The Conversation Universities are (slowly) feeling their way forward on divestment 12th February 2015

The Conversation Big accounting firms taking the lead on sustainable development 29th December 2014

CFO India What is sustainability reporting? And what has it got to do with the CFO? November-December 2014, pp 68-69. Co-authored with Ken Weldin. View original article here.

The Conversation Divestment backlash shows companies need to improve sustainability reporting 17th October 2014 Reproduced by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Business Spectator, Pro Bono Australia

Pro Bono Australia Towards integrated thinking at Unilever 16 July 2014

The Conversation The real story behind Brazil’s ‘greenest World cup 7 July 2014 Reproduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of ScotlandNew Zealand Herald, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London: The News, Monash University and University of Glasgow.

ACCA blog What is integrated reporting?  And how do you do it? 3rd March 2014

CSRWire Getting on board: Materiality and stakeholder engagement processes for integrated reporting 30th December 2013

The Conversation Sustainability reporting – finally taking off? 10 December 2013

The Guardian Ten practical steps to integrated reporting 9 December 2013

The Guardian Sustainable banking starts with determining human needs 29 November 2013

The Conversation Mixed result on sustainability reporting but ASX proposes greater disclosure 15 October 2013

Global Responsibility The role of leadership and governance in transformational change towards sustainability Issue 9, September 2013

Pro Bono Australia The meaning of ‘value’ in Integrated Reporting 18 September 2013

The Conversation Data is key to tackling sexism in the workplace and beyond 17 September 2013

The Conversation Integrated reporting to walk more than the bottom line 21 June 2013

The Age It’s not all bad news for companies tackling climate change 18 Jan 2008

Science Alert Who should control green reporting? 26 November 2008

The Age Are stakeholder laws really needed 18 August 2005

Times Higher Education Supplement Help firms open up 3 November 2000


New approach for business seeking to contribute to the SDGs

About the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal and how to publish in it

Video interview with Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC

Additional video interviews with Paul and a panel discussion on integrated reporting are here

Understanding integrated reporting

Integrated reporting talk at China SIF 2015

Responsibility in Business 2015

The Sustainable University 2012


Integrated thinking and board room discussions Podcast of an interview conducted by John Purcell on research funded by CPA Australia

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability reporting podcast and transcript

News coverage

Nikkei Asian Review Australia’s ANZ to compensate Cambodian families over land loss 28th February 2020.

Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations  discussed in Accountancy Age Accountancy Daily Accountancy Today Accounting Today Accountancy Daily Better Society Network Business Green Daily FT Edie Environmental Finance Financial Times (FT) GRESB Insider International Accounting Bulletin Responsible Investor January 2020 and in CA Magazine March 2020.

Triple Pundit Aligning the SDGs with integrated reporting, 28 September 2018.

Board Agenda Sustainable Development means securing the future of Business November, 2017.

ICAS Interview with Chris Sheedy Accounting for the Future, January 2017.

Washington Post, New York Times plus 149 other news outlets following interview with David McHugh, Associated Press 26 October 2015

Accountancy Futures Gathering Evidence Issue 10, pp 37-39, February 2015

The CA Magazine Sport competes for green trophy January 2015

Cities Today The value of sustainability reporting by cities October 2014

Australian Financial Review Weekend The people changing accounting’s DNA 25-26 October 2014 Also here

Australian Financial Review Weekend Can accountants save the planet25-26 October 2014 Also here

The Sustainability Report Sustainability reporting a source of key business value 21st May 2014

The Australian Study rules uni’s eco- efforts not sustainable 6 November 2013

Accountancy Futures Material Concerns Issue 7,  pp 30-31, August 2013

The Sustainability Report ACCA: Rio+20 corporate sustainability commitments “too weak” 10 July 2013

The Boardroom Report Integrated reporting draft raises director liability concerns Vol 11 Issue 8 1 May 2013

The Switch Report An interview with Carol Adams 28 April 2013

The Sustainability Report Applying multiple capitals essential to integrated reporting 5 April 2013

The Sustainability Report Sustainability reports a driver of action and engagement 3 August 2012

The Sustainability Report La Trobe sustainability report discloses ESG action, targets 3 August 2012

The Age La Trobe happy to pay the price for its power 6 June 2012

Australian Financial Review Pressure builds to leave ivory towers and get down to earth 4 June 2012

Primetime Sustainability Reporting – 5 questions for Carol Adams 25 October 2011

Australian Financial Review Coming clean about sustainability 8 September 2011

The Sustainability Report Disclosing sustainability risks, engaging stakeholders vital to corporate interests 26 August 2011

The Australian Sustainability for campus cred 10 August 2011

Ethical Performance AA1000 standards get new seven-strong board July 2011

Advocate National Tertiary Education Union Pushing the boundaries: climate change is union business July 2011

Sustainability Matters Sustainability required to remain competitive 23 June 2011

BRW An environment of sustainable competition 23 June 2011

Five questions with Professor Carol Adams 2010

ABC Radio National Australia urged to adopt a water standard 7 November 2010

Australian Financial Review Call for water use standards 29 October 2010

Inter Press Service News Agency Debate heats up on equal representation for women, 24 May 2010

The Star (Malaysia) Forum: give more priority to water management 8 January 2010

Malaysian National News Agency National Water Services Commission to enforce standard ruling to cut water usage 7 January 2010

The Star (Malaysia) MSWG says there’s still room to further improve CR 27 February 2010

Australian Financial Review Gender equality is a matter of sustainability 3 November 2009

The Australian Ethics is a serious concern 12 August 2009

The Australian Bean counters face sustainability costs 5 August 2009

Ethical Investor CSR Reporting key in time of need … but you can’t bank on it April 2009

Ethical Investor Driving the carbon problem home December 2008

Management Today ‘Green finance’ November/December 2008

Australian Financial Review Reporting study backs ‘carrot and stick’ approach 10 June 2008

Sydney Morning Herald ‘Bending gender laws an age old story’ July 2008

Australian Science Media Centre Banning plastic shopping bags March 2008

Australian Financial Review titled NGER reports add to red tape load 26 May 2008

Profiled and quoted in article in Real Business ‘Green Stars’ Winter 2008 pp. 24–27

CFO Magazine People planet profit April 2008 pp. 21–25

Australian Financial Review special report on sustainable investments ‘Corporate strategies need to be refined’ 26 Sept 2007

Australian Financial Review Its time to get past massaging the message 12 July 2007

ABC Radio in Bendigo live interview on sustainability planning in companies 6 Feb 2007

Strategic Risk ‘Shortcomings in sustainability reporting’ 1 Nov 2007 p. 8

3CR’s ‘Earth Matters’ interview aired on 2 July on community radio stations around Australia

The Age Sanctimony easier than sustainability 22 June 2006

ABC News interview aired 22 June

Financial Review Virgin thinks green 6 November 2006

CFO Magazine Strange fruit: sustainability reporting is no longer a form of corporate tree-hugging, but is fast becoming a proxy for management quality 1 June 2005

Ethical Investor Companies are more liable for GRI based sustainability reports – ASIC 14 March 2005

Ethical Investor Accounting academic dismisses veracity of sustainability reports 8 March 2005

Reports on research on ICI’s portrayal of its social, ethical and environmental performance in the Guardian, Accountancy Age, Scotsman, The Herald Sunday Express 13 May; Financial Management June; Business and the Environment July 2001

BBC Radio Scotland live discussion on ‘Newsweek Scotland’ on with Tariq Ali and Bishop Holloway on the May Day Riots, why they are happening and the role of companies in society, 5 Jan 2001

Radio Clyde news interview about what companies should be doing following May Day riots and anti-capitalism movement, 2 Jan 2001

Reports on equal opportunities disclosure research in the Evening Standard, the Voice, BBC Radio 5 live and interviewed for ‘Black Mix’ on BBC Three Counties Radio 2000