Integrated reporting and MBA degrees

The Director of the MBA at Griffith University in Australia, Associate Professor, Dr Nick Barter, has been keen to include integrated reporting in the syllabus.

In this interview Nick and I consider what integrated reporting is and what it means for businesses and other organisations. We also discuss the implications of attempts to value the capitals.

I also asked Nick what was distinctive about the Griffith MBA and why he’d been keen to  include integrated reporting in the syllabus:

“The Griffith MBA is focused three core values of responsible leadership. sustainable business practices and a global orientation. These values inform all our subjects as we wish to develop the responsible business leaders for the 21st century. Given this framing it is important to us that all our MBA subjects embrace progressive concepts and theories in order that our graduates can navigate the challenges of the 21st century. Thus our MBA has the themes of responsibility, sustainability and a global outlook embedded throughout the courses.

Consequently, our accounting subject has integrated reporting as a fundamental part of the syllabus and assessment. It is our view that integrated reporting is the accounting frame of the future and as such it is important that our students are across this framework in order that they can lead effectively in the coming decades.

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  1. dlawar q. abbas says:

    Is integrated reporting contributing to expanding the added value for the shareholders or is it only disclosing this value?

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