Engaging business leaders and students in Integrated Reporting at Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School

Toulouse, France

Toulouse, France

Toulouse Business School is taking a lead in spreading the word on integrated reporting and developing the next generation of business leaders through research and engaging business leaders and students.  Their event From Share Value to Shared Value: The Future of Integrated Reporting to be held on the 4th May at Toulouse Business School in the south of France will bring together businesses, students and academics to consider:

What is the role of integrated reporting in the relationships between business, society and the environment?

How will it be adapted for SMEs, the public sector and non-profits?

What kind of new accountings are needed to sustain the development of integrated reporting?

What is the role of accountants and sustainability professionals in the future of integrated reporting?

I am fortunate to be involved in the round table discussion along with Lisa French, Technical Director, Guidance and Practice, at the International Integrated Reporting Council.

Delphine Gibassier

Delphine Gibassier

The event has been masterminded by Professor Delphine Gebassier and I asked her:

Why is the event and integrated reporting important for your students and for companies?

We believe in training our students to the most innovative business developments. Integrated Reporting has been making the headlines for the last four years, including being the topic of the last world congress of accountants in Rome. Moreover, the diffusion of Integrated Reporting has just started and it is not yet anchored into local arenas. We would like to bring this topic to local companies, whether big or small. Integrated reporting is also a way of engaging the students into a reflection about accounting for more than “just” financial capital and traditional shareholders. The topic is a nice introduction to talk about intangibles, environmental externalities, human capital, but also the role of the different stakeholders in relation to corporate reporting. Our team has also been in touch with the IIRC in relation to the recent call they made on creating “a high-level syllabus for professional development programmes”, to see whether integrated reporting could be properly anchored into some of our teaching.

What research are you and your colleagues are doing on integrated reporting?

With two colleagues of HEC Paris and Laval University, Canada, I have been researching integrated reporting since late 2011. Our research has been focusing on the current integrated reporting field, the history of the integrated reporting “idea” and a case study of a French IIRC pilot company where we had privileged access. Our research has been financed by IMA/ACCA. We have presented the case study twice at conferences and we will be finishing the project this year. We also plan to submit a case study for teaching out of our project.

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