Reporting and the Politics of Difference: (Non)Disclosure on Ethnic Minorities

By Carol A Adams and Ken J McPhail This article is based on two related research questions. First, what is the level of disclosure on ethnic minorities in the two sectors of the U.K. economy that historically have employed the most ethnic minorities: the banking and retail sectors? And secondly, what influences the (non)disclosure? It […]

Cbus superannuation fund publish first report in a 3 year journey towards integrated reporting

by Carol A Adams The Cbus Annual Report for 2014/15 represents a significant first step on their journey towards integrated reporting. Cbus has been part of the <IR> Pension Fund Network for Integrated Reporting since 2013 following a meeting between Cbus CEO, David Atkin, and other Cbus executives with Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated […]

Bank exposure to coal projects drowning in greenwash

Carol A Adams, Durham University The development of black coal mines in Australia continues to attract controversy, with divestment campaigns gaining momentum. The role of banks in financing such projects has come under scrutiny. But to what extent are Australian banks lending to coal mine projects? When asked about it’s support for the sector recently, […]

HSBC’s Corporate Reporting

by Carol A Adams My interest in HSBC’s Corporate Reporting stems from its strongly voiced support for integrated reporting.  Having reviewed their 2012 Sustainability Report and Annual Report and Accounts I was keen to see what progress had been made. The reporting package for the 2014 year comprises a Strategic Report and an Annual Report […]

Changing behaviour through sustainable sourcing and responsible lending

written by Sachiko Suzuki Increasing globalisation is making it increasingly harder to trace where and how goods are sourced and produced, or where your savings and superannuation are ultimately being invested. This article was spurred by a recent Oxfam report on the linkages between Australian Big-Four banks and land grabbing in developing countries: Banking on […]

Changing the way business is done – South African integrated reports

written by Carol Adams Changing the way business leaders and their investors think is a prerequisite for real change towards social, environmental and economic sustainability.  A focus on the longer term and thinking about value in non-monetary terms, means thinking about people, relationships, know-how and the natural environment and how they create value, rather than […]

RBS Sustainability Review 2013: building trust & developing integrated thinking

written by Carol Adams The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s RBS Sustainability Review 2013 begins with the words, in a Foreword jointly signed by the Chairman and Chief Executive, “In 2013, we were the least trusted company in the least trusted sector of the economy. That must change”. This report is a significant step change from […]

Data is key to tackling sexism in the workplace and beyond

written by Carol Adams Violence against women, rape, bungling of rape cases, sexism at work and in leadership are prominent topics in news headlines. Such crimes and injustices are borne out of cultures that tolerate them. Poor cultures in the workplace reflect and influence attitudes and behaviours more broadly in society. Organisations are obliged to […]

The role of the (bank) CFO in value creation: an interview with Mark Joiner, NAB

Mark Joiner, outgoing CFO of one of the world’s top 40 banks discusses the need to redefine value and rethink business models in this interview with Carol Adams. Mark has held Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions at the National Australia Bank (NAB) and Citigroup Inc, prior to which he spent 16 years with the Boston Consulting Group reaching the […]

What is a ‘sustainable’ bank? An interview with David Korslund, Global Alliance for Banking on Values

“Sustainable banks start by determining basic human needs to be met and then deliver financial services which meet those needs,” says David Korslund, Senior Advisor to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) in conversation with Carol Adams. “In contrast”, he suggests “most banks start by asking ‘how can we make as much money as […]