Incorporating sustainability into capital investment decision making: An interview with Francis Pamminger

Incorporating sustainability into capital investment decision making ensures informed decisions are made, but it is not problem free. Neither is the role of the sustainability leader.  Francis Pamminger, an engineer with 30 years’ experience in the water industry, shared his views on these and other topics with me. Francis has an extraordinary ability to bring […]

Understanding (how sustainability fits into) your business model

written by Carol Adams What is your business model?  Do your senior managers and Board fully appreciate the various elements and how they all fit together?  Probably not. There are different view about what the term ‘business model’ means. The International Integrated Reporting Councils’s (IIRC) recently released Business Model Background Paper for <IR> calls for […]

Integrated Reporting and the Six Capitals: What does it all mean?

written by Carol Adams Big companies are all talking about integrated reporting.  But what is it? How do you do it? And what difference will it make to whom? I’ll be looking at some of these questions over my next few blogs as the IIRC starts to release its Background Papers to support the International […]