Responsibility in Business & the Adam Smith Business School

by Professor Carol Adams, Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow.  This article was written for the Aspire magazine of the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. Adam Smith and CSR I knew very little about Adam Smith when I started working at the University of Glasgow, but I was prompted to do some research […]

University stakeholders want to know about sustainability performance

An article published in the La Trobe University Bulletin in June 2011 titled World-first for sustainability reporting tops the list of all-time page views,  ahead of other issues that University is/has been known for, such as autism research and student radicalism of the 70s.  The Bulletin is a key communication medium with external stakeholders and the data […]

Sustainability reporting and performance management in universities: Challenges and benefits

by Carol A Adams,  published in the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal Abstract This article aims to provide a perspective on sustainability reporting and performance management in the university sector making a case for increased accountability, improved (management of) performance and greater innovation in approach. Carol Adams provides a personal perspective drawing on experience in sustainability […]

The UN Global Compact, GRI and embedding sustainability in Universities: presentation

In 2012, the UN Global Compact published a Practical Guide to the United Nations Global Compact for Higher Education Institutions.  It was developed by a working group led by Professor Mitch Leventhal, Vice-Chancellor for Global Affairs at SUNY in the US. I was a member. We presented together today at the Australian International Education Conference in […]

The development of leaders able to respond to climate change and sustainability challenges

This paper seeks to discuss the role of business academics and business schools in the development of leaders able to respond to climate change and sustainability challenges. The paper captures contributions made during a panel discussion at the First Academic Symposium on Leadership for Climate Change and Sustainability held at La Trobe University, Melbourne in […]

Linking stakeholder engagement and strategy in Universities

written by Carol Adams A review of strategic planning documents on University websites reveals that few pay more than lip service to key contemporary sustainability challenges and risks.  When they do the focus tends to be on operational issues and infrastructure rather than education, research and community engagement. Linked to this stakeholder engagement in Universities […]