Equal opportunity for women in the workplace: A study of corporate disclosure

equal opportunity reporting

This study published by the ACCA and authored by Kate Grosser, Carol Adams and Jeremy Moon compares research findings on how a sample of the largest companies in the UK, Australia and the US have publicly reported on equal opportunities for women in the workplace. It examines the different regulatory and voluntary frameworks relating to corporate reporting on gender equality in the workplace in these countries, and analyses the extent to which regulation and other drivers have encouraged and shaped public disclosure and accountability on this issue.

The research comprises:

  • an analysis of mandatory and voluntary reporting in each country
  • content analysis of corporate annual and CSR reports
  • interviews with managers in UK and Australian companies responsible for diversity issues with respect to women’s employment and diversity issues thereon.

The report makes recommendations with regard to the nature of corporate public reporting on equal opportunities and legislative and non-legislative mechanisms to improve it.

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