The integrated thinking journey: The Cbus case study

Main points:

  • David Atkin CEO of Cbus Super Fund discusses how the process of developing integrated reporting led to more integrated thinking which in turn:
    • helped their response to COVID-19
    • supported the integration of sustainable development considerations into investment practices
  • Asset owners have an important role to play in achieving the SDGs

Cbus have been developing their integrated reporting and integrated thinking over the last few years and I have had the pleasure of working alongside them as they do so. Durham University Business School has put together a couple of videos from a recent interview with David Atkin, CEO of Cbus Super Fund discussing the difference this ‘journey’ has made for Cbus and its members. (Check out the Durham University Business School YouTube channel here.) 

The power of defining how value is created through multiple capitals

In the first video David talks about how integrated thinking has changed what they do at Cbus through the development of their integrated reporting. On defining value creation, David notes that while you might think you are on the same page, in practice people understand things differently, so working across teams to define it has been very valuable. The value creation statement now guides what is done at Cbus and board strategy discussions have been guided by the multiple capital structure which has helped identify gaps. David also talks about the value of engaging with academia as the way investment changes and how integrated thinking has helped their response to COVID-19.

Sustainable development risks and opportunities and the SDGs

What is the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals to asset owners? How has responsible investment changed over the last 20 years? David discusses these questions and the emphasis in the Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations on strategy, management approach and governance oversight. He considers how integrated thinking and integrated reporting has helped integrate responsible investment practices into mainstream policies and helped develop approaches to the SDGs. David also explains the important role of the private sector and asset owners in achieving the SDGs.

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