The role of business schools

Video interview with Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC, discussing the role of business schools in the Global Financial Crises and how students, as future leaders, should have their eyes opened as to what needs to happen to create the change needed.  He argues that business schools should be in the forefront of creating this change and developing leaders who can drive change.

He emphasises the important role of business schools in raising awareness of changes in the business and capital markets context.

Durham University Business School

Durham University Business School

This is the third in a series of Durham University Business School video interviews with Paul Druckman.  In later videos Paul talks about: the role of corporate reporting in providing better information to investors and the future of corporate reporting. The first video discussing Paul’s interest in social and environmental sustainability issues, their relevance to business and their place in the training of accountants can be seen here. The second video discusses the meaning of value creation and is available here.

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